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Eurozone thought to have agreed deal for Greece


Eurozone thought to have agreed deal for Greece

If press reports are to be believed, the Eurozone is on the verge of agreeing a multi-billion euro bailout package for Greece.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” claims its sources say it could reach 25 billion euros, but there can be no confirmation of the actual amount until Athens officially asks for it.

Eurogroup ministers will meet in Brussels on Monday, to discuss the Greek debt crisis and the country’s progress in tightening its economic belt.

Germany and France would be the main backers in any proposed aid dead, with no help from the UK or any other non-Eurozone countries.

Polls show that public opinion in Germany – Europe’s biggest economy – is strongly opposed to helping Greece out.

Greece has announced austerity measures to reduce its budget deficit, which is four times higher than eurozone rules allow.

So far, Greece has not asked for international help to get out of its crisis.