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Compensation for 9/11 rescue workers

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Compensation for 9/11 rescue workers


An agreement has been reached to compensate people involved in the rescue effort after the bombing of the World Trade Centres. 480 million euros worth of payments will be made to those whose health was damaged as they searched for survivors after the September 11th attack.

Lawyer, Marc Bern, said: “I was down there. Our offices were right by the World Trade Centre, and to see these men and women who selflessly went in there and gave of themselves. Nobody ever thought about compensation, and now to finally help them put this tragedy behind them once and for all, it is quite gratifying.”

Exposure to dust caused severe lung problems, especially to those on the scene the first few days after the Twin Towers fell.

Brenda Berkman, who is now retired, was a Captain of the Firefighters Department in New York:
“We knew there had to be health consequences from what we were breathing and actually eating. The situation of not having the proper protective equipment, and equipment to work with, went on for not just one day, but went on for weeks.”

Speaking from New Yorl, Euronews reporter Anna Bressanin said: “Here at Ground Zero, ten thousand people who worked on September the eleventh risked their lives, now they have won one battle in a long legal war.”

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