Disruption in France during day of strike action

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Disruption in France during day of strike action

Disruption in France during day of strike action
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There has been widespread disruption in France today due to a series of strikes organised by trade unions.

In Paris, hundreds of nurses and hospital employees gathered outside the outside their health authority headquarters, which had been occupied by dozens of demonstrators overnight.

They want an end to the organisation’s restructuring plans and projected job cuts.

Riot police were brought in to calm the crowd.

Some secondary school teachers also decided to spend the night in their classrooms, in protest over the government’s education reforms.

They want an end to job losses and better training for teachers.

Eight trade unions called for the action, angry at the way the government is managing the education system.

But the action is really making itself felt in the Mediterranean city of Marseille, where rubbish collectors have already been on strike for a week.

Eight thousand tonnes of rubbish are produced in Marseille every day, the saving grace being that the weather here is still relatively cold.

“We are walking around the rubbish but there are rats everywhere. Rats on the streets, that means a great reputation for Marseille.” said one householder.

Rubbish collectors here are employed by a private company, and are demanding guarantees from management over job security.

One-day rubbish collection strikes were also held in several other major French cities, by workers angry over pay rises and changes in the retirement age.