Greece grinds to a strike standstill

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Greece grinds to a strike standstill

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The Greek economic nightmare appears to show no sign of ending fast.

Tens of thousands of public and private sector workers poured on to the streets of Athens angry at government wage cuts and tax hikes.

The fresh national walkout saw schools shut and brought ports, trains and planes to a standstill.

Many believe that the steps taken by the government go too far.

‘‘I feel with the measures the government has taken, we’ll all have a problem. I’ve been working for so many years. Why should I lose what I’ve earned with my year’s of service,’‘ one woman said.

‘‘We are hoping that with our fight and determination at least the new plans will be overturned, or at least there will be some impact against the measures overall,’‘ another man said.

There were also a few pigs among the 30,000 or so protesters in the Greek capital. That is the acronym being used by some to describe Europe’s most indebted economies – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

Outside Greece, financial markets and EU policymakers are hoping the belt-tightening measures being proposed by Athens can be implemented quickly before things get any worse.