Women march to stop gender-based violence

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Women march to stop gender-based violence

Women march to stop gender-based violence
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All over the world women are celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day.

In Bangladesh thousands joined a march in Dhaka to protest against acid attacks.

The number of acid attacks on women has decreased since the government set the death penalty as a maximum sentence for offenders.

But attacks still occur, usually as a result of disputes about dowrys and the victims are often denied justice.

Fazila Tunnessa said: “To celebrate 100 years of Women’s Day, we have gathered today. I am an acid victim. I was attacked with acid and now I am a survivor. On this day I hope that no woman will be burned by acid in the future.”

In Europe, social affairs ministers meeting in Brussels, are drawing up measures to tackle gender-based violence.

They have agreed to adopt the 116 Call Centre Emergency Helpline operating in Spain.

It is the first step in a campaign by the European parliament to eliminate violence against women.

Considered to be at the forefront of the fight to combat violence against women – Spain has a special police force in charge of protecting female victims of violence.

Madrid also has a “fast-track” special court to deal with offenders as well as providing shelter for victims of violence and their children.

As the Spanish public information film states:
“Every woman and every man – in Unison against abuse.”