Violent protests in Greece over austerity measures

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Violent protests in Greece over austerity measures

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Anger over government austerity measures has boiled over in Greece.

The leader of the country’s main private sector union has been injured in scuffles, as thousands of protestors rallied outside parliament in Athens.

Angered by the attack, other demonstrators threw stones at riot police guarding the building. The police fired tear gas and pepper stray at the crowd to try to quell the disturbance. There were reports of several arrests.

The authorities said earlier, around 12,000 protestors took to the streets in the capital.

Shouting “Never, never, never”, they marched on Parliament, as it approved 4.8 billion euros in spending cuts and tax hikes.

The government’s under pressure from the European Union and financial markets to tackle a huge fiscal deficit and a 300 billion euro debt pile.

Unions had called a walkout, bringing schools, hospitals and public transport to a halt.

And the industrial unrest looks likely to continue for some time. Unions representing half of Greece’s five million strong workforce have called a national strike on March 11.