Chile rocked again by severe aftershock

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Chile rocked again by severe aftershock

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Five days after Chile was wracked by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake, more huge aftershocks and a fresh tsunami alert have spread terror and panic once more.

The capital, Santiago, was rocked by an aftershock measuring 6.1, while a tsunami warning in Concepcion caused great distress.

People fled the coastal town, one of the worst affected by Saturday’s quake, and headed for the hills by whatever means possible before the government lifted the alert.

In all, some 150 aftershocks have been felt since the weekend.

More amateur footage has appeared showing a tsunami hitting the town of Dichato, just hours after Saturday’s main quake.

The death toll from the disaster now exceeds 800 but is likely to go even higher.

Since the Chilean government reversed its initial position that it could cope with the situation on its own, aid has been pouring in.

Neighbours including Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela have been quick to respond.

They have been flying in medical supplies and equipment, water treatment units, food and much needed rescue workers.