Bombers strike ahead of Iraqi election

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Bombers strike ahead of Iraqi election

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Dozens of people have been killed and injured after a triple suicide bombing in the Iraqi city of Baquba, just days ahead of crucial parliamentary elections.

The first two attacks were aimed at police stations, while the third was at a hospital in the city, which is 65 kilometres north east of Baghdad.

Hospitals are meant to be places where people get well. The bombed clinic instead became a place of death.

The attacker was disguised as a police officer and rode in an ambulance from one of the first blast sites before detonating the device as casualties were being ferried in.

At least 33 people died in the attacks, including 12 police officers. 55 people were wounded.

Sunday’s election is being seen as pivotal for Iraq, as the nation tries to cement its fledgling democracy ahead of a planned US troop pullout.

Campaigning is in full swing across the country, with posters everywhere in the streets and mobile phone and internet services being well used.

Some politicians have even persuaded musicians to write songs persuading Iraqis to vote.