Soccer World Cup countdown : 100 days to go

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Soccer World Cup countdown : 100 days to go

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In 100 days from now, the world soccer cup finals will begin in Johannesburg – and South Africa has marked the symbolic date with celebrations across the country.

South Africa kick the tournament off against Mexico on June the 11th, and their latest warm up game will see them play neighbours Namibia.

Fifa President Sep Blatter said preparing the tournament had been a long hard road:

“A long way paved with trust and confidence but with patience as well. And there was a lot to do and to change to and to convince people in our organisation of football FIFA that one day they will accept that we will give back something to Africa, Africa that has given so much not only to the world but to the world of football also”

All ten stadiums are ready for action – five are new and five have been refurbished. A bit of brushing up still needs to be done on the surrounding infrastructure, but the organisers said they were confident of being ready for the big day.

“I will say that if I had to say where are we from 1 to 10, I would say that we are at 8. And we have to be at 10 on the June 11th. And we will be at 10 on the June 11th, “ said FIFA General Secretary Jérôme Valcke.

It is the first time the World Cup finals have been hosted in Africa, and street parties have been held to project an upbeat, festive image of the event.

32 teams will play a total of 64 matches with the final taking place on July 1th, also in Johannesburg.