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Karadzic trial: Sarajevo waits for justice

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Karadzic trial: Sarajevo waits for justice


In Sarajevo, there are those who are relieved to see Karadzic in the dock and those who believe a fair trial is too good for him.

For three and a half years the city was bombarded with an average of 329 mortar shells every day. More clinical killings were carried out by the snipers positioned around the city. It is thought more than 10,000 people were killed during the siege.

In Sarajevo’s main market, bitterness towards its alleged instigator still burns.

“I would send Bosnian kids with small hammers to hit him in the head so he suffers the slow and painful death he deserves,” said one man.

“The Hague can’t punish him enough,” insists another man who was wounded in the siege by Serb grenades. “They should send him back to us here in Sarajevo, so we can hang him here in the middle of the town.”

The market was the scene of two of the siege’s most notorious atrocities: the Markale massacres, for which two Serb generals have already been convicted in the Hague.

In Sarajevo, people are eager to see Karadzic join them behind bars. But even then many would still need convincing that justice had been done.

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