Immigrants unite to protest across Europe

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Immigrants unite to protest across Europe

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Thousand of immigrants across Europe have taken to the streets to protest against their status- or lack of- in several countries.

Organisers of “24 hours without us” say they were inspired by a Latino demonstration four years ago in the United States against immigration policies.

Some of those taking part in marches across Italy say it is also an opportunity to take a stand against racism and other forms of discrimination.

24..sot.. “At least the people get aware that the foreigners are not only arms (workers) but that they participate in the economic life of this country.

34..sot.. One of the organisers of this event said “The day is meant to make people aware that without immigrants Italy would be in an emergency situation: not only concerning its economy, but also on the social and the cultural level.”


Indeed, nearly ten percent of Italy’s GDP is produced by immigrant workers – a figure echoed in many other EU states such as France, Spain and Greece.