Chile imposes curfew after deadly quake

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Chile imposes curfew after deadly quake

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Chile has announced emergency measures to help thousands of people made homeless by a massive earthquake and tsunamis.

More than 700 people are now said to have been killed by Saturday’s 8.8 magnitude quake and strong aftershocks continue to rock the country’s Pacific coast.

With many people missing and some communities isolated by destroyed roads, authorities say they expect the death toll to rise.

Some 10,000 troops have been moved into the country’s stricken areas to quell the outbreak of widespread looting.

A night-time curfew was imposed in the Maule region and the heavily damaged town of Concepcion, where hundreds of people ransacked stores for food and other goods.

Looting also broke out in parts of the capital, Santiago with police making dozens of arrests.

Petrol stations, pharmacies and banks have also been pillaged as Chile struggles to restore law and order and deliver urgently needed aid.

Damage from the quake is expected to cost more than 20-billion euros.