Tsunami sends thousands fleeing

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Tsunami sends thousands fleeing

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Japan has been evacuating tens of thousands of residents from coastal areas as it braced for an expected three metre tsunami provoked by Chile’s deadly earthquake.

This follows an unusually strong quake on the Japanese island of Okinawa yesterday morning although that produced no major damage.

Russia has now lifted tsunami alerts for the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Sakhalin and Kuril Islands.

The tsunami is racing across the Pacific following one of world’s most violent earthquakes in a century.

Tidal waves have already claimed four lives on Robinson Crusoe Island.

Equadorian authorities ordered residents of the Galapagos Islands – famed for their precious wildlife – to head for high ground.

Fortunately the tsunami caused only a swell and no damage but the early morning warning did ceate panic among many.

Several other governments including the Philippines also began evacuations but other than Robinson Crusoe Island, no serious damage has been reported.