Police target looting in Chile

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Police target looting in Chile

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There have been violent scenes in Chile, as police struggle to stop looting after Saturday’s quake.

In Concepcion, police grabbed people who’d apparently forced their way into a supermarket and threw them to the ground.

They used water cannons and tear gas as well in an attempt to scatter them.

The town of half a million inhabitants, near the quake epicentre, sustained some of the worst damage in the country.

Local tv broadcasts have shown people taking a range of items from businesses, from basic necessities like food and milk, to electric goods, like kitchen stoves and refrigerators.

“I have five children who are dying of hunger,” one woman said. “We have no water. We have nothing. And the President-elect is flying around in a helicopter.”

“They have no milk, no water and they’re sleeping in the street,” another said. “Why are the police treating them like that? It’s bad.”

The Mayor of Concepcion says the town desperately needs food and other supplies. She says the security problem will worsen dramatically overnight if it doesn’t receive them.