Massive storm sweeps Europe

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Massive storm sweeps Europe

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A massive storm has begun sweeping southern Europe, with the Iberian peninsula already badly affected.

A child is reported killed in Portugal where winds of up to 140 kilometres per hour have wreaked havoc.

Trees and power lines are down while torrential rain has created flash flooding.

The weather front is expected to make for a turbulent weekend throughout Portugal and Spain and most of France.

In Spain meteorologists have described it as the “perfect storm” – possibly not an adjective that those on the receiving end would chose.

In Galicia winds approached 200 kilometres per hour and there was extensive damage across the country and even in the Canaries.

In France, fire fighters were on high alert from Saturday evening.

One man was killed when high winds brought down the branch of a tree in the Haute Garonne region while major damage and power cuts were reported in the Pyrenees.