Giant waves strike Chile, as Pacific cancels alert

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Giant waves strike Chile, as Pacific cancels alert

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While the tsunami alert was cancelled elsewhere across the Pacific Rim, the fury of the sea was visited on Chile.

Huge waves stirred up by the earthquake caused several deaths in the country.

One crashed into the village of Iloca, on the central coast.

It swept away the police station and a craft market, battering cars and boats and leaving them beached.

“I don’t have a bed,” one resident whose home was destroyed said. “I have nothing, only the clothes I’m wearing now. My husband is the same. We climbed quickly up on the mountain and spent the night up there to escape the wave. We had put a little money aside but now we’ve lost everything.”

“We’re okay, because we’re alive,” her husband said. Everything else that is material can be replaced.”

Ten-foot waves also battered Robinson Crusoe Island, killing at least five people.

But on coastlines from Australia to Russia and Hawaii, there was only minor damage sustained, as smaller than expected waves hit.