Police target looting in Chile

There have been violent scenes in Chile, as police struggle to stop looting after Saturday’s quake. In Concepcion, police grabbed people who’d

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Earthquake in chile

Serious damage has been reported in two Chilean southern cities, in what is the country’s worst quake in decades. roads closed due to broken bridges


French awards film greats

France’s film industry has been handing out Cesars – its equivalent of the Oscars – to the good and the great. Gerard Depardieu revealed who had


Massive storm sweeps Europe

A massive storm has begun sweeping southern Europe, with the Iberian peninsula already badly affected. A child is reported killed in Portugal where


Chile reels from huge quake

The quake that struck Chile at 3.34 am Saturday morning was of 8.8 magnitude – far bigger than the magnitude 7 one that devastated Haiti last


Tsunami sends thousands fleeing

Japan has been evacuating tens of thousands of residents from coastal areas as it braced for an expected three metre tsunami provoked by Chile’s


Quake shock for troops in Haiti

Chilean soldiers serving with the United Nations mission to Haiti watched in horror as pictures of the earthquake back home came up on television