Obama's health care plans make no headway

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Obama's health care plans make no headway

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US President Barack Obama’s meeting with congressional Republicans on his controversial healthcare programme has ended with no agreement.

Both sides clashed frequently on how to fix the massive two trillion Euro US healthcare industry.
Obama told some 40 congressional leaders that his comprehensive overhaul was critical for economic recovery: “I’d like the Republicans to do a little soul-searching and find out are there some things that you’d be willing to embrace that get to this core problem of thirty million people without health insurance. We cannot have another year-long debate about this.”

Obama had hoped the day-long summit near the White House would revive momentum for his faltering health proposals.

Republicans say the president should scrap the current plans and start over with a smaller approach.

Tennessee Republican US senator Lamar Alexander made his views clear: “We’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t do comprehensive well. Our country is too big, too complicated, too centralized for Washington – a few of us here – to write a few rules about remaking 17 percent of the economy all at once.”

Washington has recently been the scene of protests against the Democratic proposals that would make healthcare more affordable and extend coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans.