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Attempts to calm down Greek gold row

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Attempts to calm down Greek gold row


The animosity between the Greeks and Germans continues to be played out in the press. Caused by the Greece’s economic difficulties threatening the eurozone, the row is again centre-stage after accusations of stolen Nazi gold.

On Thursday, the Greek President of Parliament met with the German ambassador to Greece in an attempt to calm down the row.

Greek President of Parliament, Filippos Petsalnikos, said: “Many press articles, which are being fed by various statements, have created a distorted image, including many inaccuracies and mistruths.”

The German ambassador to Greece, Wolfgang Schultheiss, was also keen to point out the media’s role in fuelling the fire and heightening tensions.

Speaking at the meeting, he said: “These articles should not be lumped together with the rest of the press in Germany, which are serious and based on accurate information.”

Whilst the war of words rumbles on in the press, people in Athens have been protesting about the austerity programme needed to reduce the budget deficit. Salary cuts and pension reforms are just two of the bitter pills being considered to end the financial crisis.

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