Twelve officers charged in Turkey coup plot

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Twelve officers charged in Turkey coup plot

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More senior military officers in Turkey have been charged with plotting to overthrow the government back in 2003. So far 12 have been jailed pending a trial.

They include five admirals, two of whom are retired, an ex-Army general, and two retired colonels.

Questioning continues of other high ranking officers including former chiefs of the Navy, Air Force and Special Forces.

Some see the investigation as a conflict between the Islamist-rooted ruling AK party and secularism, but not everyone.

Professor Ihsan Dagi of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara said:

“The intervention of the army into politics is a reality in Turkey, whichever party is in power. In fact, the problem today is owing to the army wanting to preserve its political influence.”

Indeed some see it more as a consolidation of civilian rule after years of army interference.

With tensions rising, President Abdullah Gul and his prime minister are to hold crisis talks with Turkey’s top military commander later today.