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Emergency surgery on Obama's healthcare plans

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Emergency surgery on Obama's healthcare plans


President Obama has begun a last-gasp attempt to save his cornerstone healthcare reforms from collapsing.

He called an Republicans/Democrates televised summit to re-shape his ambitious plans after the democrats lost their Massachussetts Senate seat and with it their super-majority in the upper house.

Obama said: “We are going to discuss how we lower costs for famiies and small businesses, how do we make sure that the insurance market works for people, how we make sure that we are dealing with the long term deficits, how we make sure that people that don’t have coverage, have coverage.”

Obama’s original plan was to make healthcare available to 30-million Americans currently without cover. One of his options is to halve that figure.
Opponents of Obama’s reforms claim they will raise healthcare costs – something the President denies.

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