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Legal action urged over fake EU passports

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Legal action urged over fake EU passports


As pressure piles on Israel, demands are being made for firm legal action to be taken in this case.
Speaking to euronews, one Brussels-based academic stressed the devastating impact of having one’s identity stolen.

Professor Paul De Hert, a privacy and secret service legal expert at VUB said: “The Mossad has a tradition of using passports that belong to other countries and, of course, this causes a lot of irritation. What is at stake here is identity theft, and I think identity theft is a serious problem. So, in this specific instance, a non-legal approach for me would be non-satisfactory, because the victims do suffer. They are put on blacklists. Their name is suspected from now on. They fear attacks. So there might be far-going consequences for the moral and physical integrity of certain citizens.”

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