Efraim Inbar on Dubai murder: "in this type of dark world..."

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Efraim Inbar on Dubai murder: "in this type of dark world..."

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Olaf Bruns, euronews: “Professor Efraim Inbar, Director of the Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studiesis, the whole operation of the assassination of Mahmoud al-Magu in Dubai considered a success, or a total failure in Israel?”

Prof. Efraim Inbar: “I think Israelis are very realistic about this type of operations. First of all we should remember the end-result: The bad guy is no longer alive. And there are some complications, that Israel – if it is indeed responsible for this operation – has to take care about.”

euronews: “But is it so important to go after Hamas at this stage? Aren’t there more important topics, like Iran or Hezbollah?”

Inbar: “I don’t think we discriminate against others. I think in this type of operations there are opportunity targets, and if there is an opportunity, I think, the security service tries to implement a pre-planned plan. I think that Hamas is definitely a very terrible enemy of the State of Israel. It refuses to recognise the State of Israel, and it is committed to it’s destruction. Therefore, Hamas is definitely a legitimate target.”

euronews: “But are there fears in Israel that the price to pay for this operation may be high?”

Inbar: “I’m not sure we pay a high price! After all, European security services also use false passports, and in this type of dark world there are many methods which are not always considered as perfectly legitimate in normal life. Israelis do not behave differently than the British, for example in James Bond movies, or others… or, French security services in Europe.”

euronews: “But the European Foreign Ministers condemned very strongly the use of passports…”

Inbar: “Well I think this is something which should be expected of them. And business will continue as usual.”