Rain threat pours further pain on Haiti

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Rain threat pours further pain on Haiti

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Simmering frustration in Haiti is growing again, with the earthquake-hit population now facing up to another of Mother Nature’s tests.

The rainy season may still be weeks away but already the first torrential downpours are adding to Haitians’ worries.

Protests among those living in makeshift shelters are becoming more and more desperate.

One man in a camp in Port-au-Prince said: “There are more than 3,000 of us in this camp and there are another three camps like it. There is nothing for us and that is why we are demonstrating, so that the government gives us something.”

Another camp resident added: “We have lost our families. We have no water, no toilets. We need tents and drinking water. We are looking for food. Here, we are living like animals.”

The UN says the situation on the ground is improving. But there is much left to do with first the rainy season, then the hurricane season looming.