Can Bosnian filmmaker do it again in Berlin?

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Can Bosnian filmmaker do it again in Berlin?

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The Berlin Film Festival is about to hand out its prizes.

Director Jasmila Zbanic has already tasted success at the event, winning the prestigious Golden Bear for Best Picture four years ago with ‘Grbavica.’ Now she is hoping to do the double with her latest offering: ‘On the Path.’

Set in Zbanic’s native Bosnia, it examines how people living in a Westernised, multi-cultural society, and those observing a strict interpretation of Islam, can co-exist – if at all.

Bora Atlas, 8, from Turkey won hearts on the red carpet in Berlin at the world premiere of ‘Honey’, another Golden Bear hopeful.

Through the early years of Yusuf, an Anatolian beekeper’s son, the film explores how experiences in childhood can influence later life. At school, he struggles with a stutter.

German-Afghan director Burhan Qurbani is also eyeing the top prize, shining the spotlight on the difficulties facing young Muslims in the West.

“Even my closest friends, they don’t know much about Islam,” he said. “But how can you communicate, how can you argue, if you have no idea about the other’s culture.”

Set in multi-cultural Berlin, ‘Shahada’ focusses on three young German-born Muslims, struggling to reconcile their faith and traditions with a modern, Western lifestyle.

The winner of the Golden Bear will be announced on Saturday.