New veranda for the International Space Station

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New veranda for the International Space Station

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The fitting of a new bay window for the International Space Station is set to be completed tonight, when astronauts Robert Behnken and Nicholas Patrick take a space walk to fit out the new module with plumbing.

The Italian designed observation deck boasts seven windows including a central window nearly one metre in diameter. It’s called Tranquility – something that’s apparently in short supply for the inhabitants of the space station.

“Launch is really noisy,” said Patrcik. “But once you’re in space, space itself is really quiet but the inside of the space craft is never quiet, it’s full of fan noise. Everywhere you go there’s a fan circulating air.”

A first spacewalk put the module in place. Tranquility contains a new air conditioning system to improve air quality on the station, as well as new toilets.

The astronauts are said to be particularly excited about the view of earth the new veranda should offer – the shutters are set to be opened next week.