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Tension in Tehran ahead of Revolution Day

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Tension in Tehran ahead of Revolution Day


As Iran gets ready to mark the 31st anniversary of its Islamic Revolution both opposition and government supporters are expected to take to the streets.

It is all very different from the heady days of 1979 when the return of the exiled Islamic leader Ayatollah Khomeini received a tumultuous reception and triggered the end of the Shah’s rule.

The establishment of an Islamic Republic was widely popular marking a return to conservatism and a revival of Islamic traditions.

But in the wake of last June’s disputed presidential poll unrest in the country erupted.

Police arrested 4,000 people in the post-election crackdown and at least seven people were killed.

Ten protesters have since been sentenced to death and ahead of today’s celebrations the government has warned it will make arrests if there is any disruption to the state-sanctioned marches.

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