British police commander jailed

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British police commander jailed

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A UK police chief has been jailed for four years for abuse of power.

47-year-old Ali Dizaei weaved an elaborate web of lies to avoid paying a six hundred pound bill for a website.

Waad al Baghdadi, who carried out the work for Dizaei, approached him in a restaurant and asked for the money.

Shortly afterwards Dizaei called the emergency services claiming to have been stabbed by al Baghdadi. He called for back-up, before arresting his former employee.

Dizaei’s story unravelled when it emerged that his injuries were self inflicted.

In court, his victim compared him to the gangster in the movie Sarface.

“Ali Dizaei is an absolute disgrace to the police service and the uniform he represents,” said former police commissioner Andy Hayman.

“For over a decade he’s faced accusations of wrong-doing and has wriggled out of that at every turn, blaming, I have to say, discrimination against him. Finally, a jury has been convinced of his guilt.”

Dizaei had previously been accused of corruption, fraud and dishonesty.