Recall problems mount for Toyota

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Recall problems mount for Toyota

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Toyota is reportedly preparing a recall of its latest model Prius hybrid in Japan this week to sort out problems with the brakes.

It would then recall the cars worldwide including Europe.

Toyota has been talking with safety authorities in various countries about fixing a software fault that delays braking in certain road conditions.

The reputation of the world’s biggest carmaker has taken a hit after it was accused of responding too slowly to earlier problems with sticky accelerators.

On the streets of Tokyo one woman said: “After hearing about this, I don’t think anyone is going to want to ride in a Toyota.”

Another man said: “They should put the cars back on the market again only when they’ve done all the necessary checks.”

The Prius recall could also be expanded to include the Lexus HS250 and Toyota Sia which use the same brake system.

There is no link between these brake problems and incidents of unintended acceleration which led to the recall of millions of Toyota vehicles globally.

The company’s shares have lost more than a fifth of their value since the problems emerged.