Mixed reaction to Yanukovich victory

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Mixed reaction to Yanukovich victory

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The Ukrainian capital Kiev is calm today following the weekend presidential elections that appear to have resulted in the political comeback of Viktor Yanukovich.

Six years ago his contested victory brought tens of thousands into the streets. Not this time.

“I do not like Yanukovich. I don’t think he deserves to be president. I think he’s illiterate, but let’s wait and see what the future brings,” said one man.

“I think he’s the best choice for the moment. I like him, although I have not given my vote to anyone,” was one woman’s opinon.

The mixed feelings in Ukraine are not reflected in Moscow. There Yanukovich is seen as their man, who will repair ties with Ukraine’s former political masters.

“I think they will join forces and Tymoshenko will join the new leadership team, but there are unlikely to be big changes,” said one Russian man.

“I think they’ve made the right choice in voting for Yanukovich, as far as I know the majority has. They have to get the relationship with Russia back on track,” said one woman.

The press in both countries is alive with speculation about where the country’s warring politicians will go next: restoring political stability or contesting the results, which would prolong an already long period of political vacuum.