UN launches vaccination programme in Haiti

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UN launches vaccination programme in Haiti

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Destitute Haitians have vented their anger against the country’s president, accusing him of doing nothing to help them rebuild their lives.

Protesters gathered outside Port-au-Prince police station from where the government has been operating since last month’s earthquake. They want to be given paid jobs so they can help themselves.

The UN has admitted the aid operation has been complicated and frustratingly slow, but says it is at last making significant progress.

A vaccination programme has also begun, aimed at protecting around half-a-million children living in Haiti’s makeshift camps.

“Measles can be a killer of children and it spreads like wildfire so we are doing this as a lifesaving, preventive intervention,” said UNICEF spokesperson Page Kent

Hundreds of miles away in Los Angeles, more than 70 pop stars have done their bit to raise money for Haiti’s quake victims.

A remake of the song “We are the World” attracted the likes of Celine Dion, Natalie Cole and Barbara Streisand.

A quarter of a century ago, the same song raised awareness of the famine in Africa. This cover version will make its world premiere on February 12.