Israel accused of Hamas assassination

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Israel accused of Hamas assassination

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The Hamas Islamist group has accused Israel of assassinating one of its senior military commanders.

The funeral has been held in Damascus for Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who played a major role in a Palestinian uprising in the 1980s.

Israeli officials had no immediate comment.
Hamas says their commander was killed in Dubai on January 20, and one Palestinian source says Mabhouh could have been poisoned.

Fareq al-Mabhouh, the brother of the dead commander, said: “We leave the investigation to the party concerned in the movement and to the armed wing Qassam Brigades … and they are free to decide how to respond or how to avenge or the

As the family waits for more news about the killing, news agencies report that police in Dubai have identified suspects in the case. The government is quoted as saying the suspects have left Dubai and the majority are holders of European passports.