UK creeps out of recession

The British economy has crept out of recession, by a lower than expected 0.1 per cent. The economy had contracted for six consecutive quarters-the


France reacts to burqa ban

It has been a contentious issue across France for several years as it has been in many European countries – women wearing religious veils. Today the


Copenhagen : An EU failure?

Chaotic, laborious and disappointing are the words some critics use to describe talks at the Copenhagen climate summit in December. Some point the


The Three Councils

There is the Council of the European Union, the European Council and the Council of Europe. They are completely distinct. What are they?


Tim Burton to head Cannes jury

Top movie director Tim Burton will head this years Cannes film festival jury. Its a break with tradition for what is arguably the worlds premier film


Sri Lanka goes to the polls

Its an historic day in Sri Lanka. The country is staging its first national election since the end of a 25 year conflict last May. Its the first