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Food aid on a significant scale has finally arrived in one of Haiti’s largest slums, nearly two weeks after the Caribbean country’s devastating earthquake.
US soldiers and Brazilian UN troops have been handing out food and water in the gang-ridden Cite Soleil neighbourhood of the capital Port-au-Prince.
“We believe that the troops that arrive will enhance our capacity to distribute food, enhance our capacity to provide logistics and support along with our partners,” said UN Force Commander, Major General Floriano Peixoto.
As for cash help, the EU has pledged more than 420 million euros while the US has given over 80 million. Japan is set to announce a contribution of 49 million euros at a gathering of Haiti’s main creditors in the Canadian city of Montreal today.
No-one is any doubt about the desperate need. In Port au Prince alone, more than 150,000 people are believed dead. Now though the focus is on helping survivors and guaranteeing Haiti’s long-term reconstruction.

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