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Ivory ban in danger, EU urged to defend elephants


Ivory ban in danger, EU urged to defend elephants

A desperate call to save elephants in Africa… While Tanzania and Zambia want an international ban against selling ivory to be lifted, representatives of 17 other African countries have been lobbying the European Parliament in Brussels to defend a nine-year moratorium on the trade for all countries, including the EU states.

Limited legal sales which were allowed in the past masked the sale of poached ivory. Now key voices say the African elephant is all but extinct in some countries it once roamed.

Noah Wekesa, Kenyan Minister for Forestry and Wildlife, in Brussels, said: “Many members of the European Union are with our group but they are silent. We want them to come out very, very clearly and say there is a lot of poaching going on in Africa, there are a lot of negative impacts of climate change that is devastating elephants and other wild animals and let us preserve the elephant for the future generation.”

Elephants are important for whole ecosystems.
Losing them rebounds on many species. A defender of the ban on ivory said the EU’s 27 votes within the convention on international trade in endangered species was “crucial”.