Haitian casualty figures still rising

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Haitian casualty figures still rising

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The Haitian government has raised its estimate of the numbers of lives lost in the earthquake to over 150,000, and that figure is just for the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Many more bodies remain buried under the rubble, both there and in the towns of Jacmel and Leogane.

The communications minister has speculated that perhaps two or three hundred thousand bodies may be buried.

Attention is now focusing on the three million hurt or homeless, many of whom have headed to the few working hospitals as relatively safe havens. Once there, it is hard to persuade them to move on;

“Even the relatives want to be with them in the hospital also because they feel more protected… I think the problem will be to organise a temporary and ambulatory care and post operative care, and convince those people to move to these areas,” says the Director of the Pan American Health Organisation, Mirta Roses.

However the good news is aid is being distributed with little signs of violence, as long as armed troops are on hand, and the feared epidemic of disease has not materialised yet. Aid is nowhere near enough to go round yet though, and tents are in short supply. With the rainy season beginning in May, that shortage will soon become acute.
That will not be sustainable however, as the hurricane season begins just weeks after that.