French artists sing out their support for Haiti

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French artists sing out their support for Haiti

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Much of France’s television audience was glued to the box on Sunday night for a special “Solidarity Concert with Haiti”.

Many leading journalists from both public and commercial television joined the performers to lend their support.

While watching artists ranging from the French rap star Diams to opera singers and music ensembles, viewers were invited to telephone pledges of money to help the earthquake victims.

France’s Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand was there along with familiar faces of French stage and screen.

At one point, Haitian journalist Kerns Florimont made an impassioned appeal for support:

“ Haiti,” he said, “is was the rebellious child of France but she has forever remained its daughter. I hope today, after the horrific drama, that France will assume its responsibilities along with the Haitian leaders.”

The brothers who make up the Haitian group Beethoven Obas gave their own personalised performance.

The concert is one of several such events being organised on an international scale to help in the short term, but also to fund Haiti’s future.