Another survivor found in rubble in Haiti

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Another survivor found in rubble in Haiti

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Authorities in Haiti yesterday said the official search for earthquake survivors was over, but one man can be thankful that some rescuers kept on digging.

The latest 24-year-old survivor was given a pair of gloves by an international rescue team, enabling him to make the final push towards daylight.

The rescue came 11 days after Haiti’s devastating quake.

While there are still signs of hope, though, it seems some overseas teams are not quite ready to call off the combing of rubble.

A French team, for example, was involved in the latest rescue, determined to carry on searching.
However, they do know that at some point they do have to end their efforts.

The French Abassador to Haiti, Didier Le Bret, said: “There comes a point when you do have to stop because now we need to rebuild. We can’t indefinitely continue the rescue phase. But, there you go, this may be the final episode in eleven days of searches, and that’s extraordinary.”

As many as three million people are now estimated to have been left hurt or homeless after the quake, with up to 200,000 people killed.

Little by little, though, there are signs of people attempting to resume some kind of normal daily life.