EU delays body scanner decision

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EU delays body scanner decision

EU delays body scanner decision
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The EU has put off a request from the United States to introduce full body scanners at European airports after the attempted bombing of a US-bound plane on Christmas Day.

Spain, which currently holds the EU presidency , wants more information on whether the scanners’ potential health risks and threat to privacy.

US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told an EU meeting why the scanners are necessary.

“I do think they (body scanners) are helpful, from the United States’ point of view, and that’s why we are moving forward with alacrity to employ body scanners,” she said.

But not all Europeans agree.

While Britain and the Netherlands have said they will use full body scanners, others such as Spain have taken a more cautious approach.

Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba told reporters in Toledo that the European Commission was looking into three things.

First of all, the commission will investigate whether the scanners are actually effective in terms of security.
Second, it will explore any potential health risks.
Third, the report will investigate whether the scanners comply with European privacy laws.

Some rights groups say the technology could potentially produce sexually explicit images of passengers.

The security debate comes after a Nigerian man allegedly boarded a plane in Amsterdam with explosives hidden under his clothes, before trying to detonate them on landing in Detroit.