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Desperate plight of Haiti's earthquake orphans

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Desperate plight of Haiti's earthquake orphans


What now for the tens of thousands of children orphaned by Haiti’s earthquake?

Many are living alone on chaotic streets. And for those able to find a place in an orphanage, conditions are harsh with food and other essentials in short supply.

Euronews correspondent Luis Carballo visited ‘The Foundation of the Children of God’, saying it is one of hundreds of orphanages in Port au Prince.

“They are self-financing, without any state aid. The situation is very difficult. At this one, there are 50 children in a very precarious situation. After the earthquake, things have become unsustainable. Everything is lacking,” he reports.

Food is the immediate priority. Educational material will then be needed. Each child has their own tragic story. The latest arrival is Gabriel.

“His father’s house was destroyed so he has no shelter,” said the orphanage director explaining why she has been asked to take the little boy into her care. “He is 15 months old. He does not have a mother.”

As to their future, UNICEF insists every effort should be made to reunite orphans with extended family and that foreign adoption must be a last resort.

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