Survivors continue to be found alive amid Haitian rubble

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Survivors continue to be found alive amid Haitian rubble

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Rescue workers scouring the wreckage of the devastated Haitian capital are still pulling people alive from the rubble, more than a week after quake struck.

A young woman was extracted from a ruined supermarket by the combined efforts of teams from Turkey, France and Haiti.

One rescue worker spoke of the thrill of finding someone alive after all this time:

“Its a great feeling we did this job for ages and this is something like a miracle after all these days and she is in perfect condition,she smiles, she talks and that is all that matters, we are so happy she is alive.”

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation says that around 13 hospitals are working in and around Port-au-Prince, but are flooded with patients.

Medical teams are infuriated that planes carrying much needed equipment are being turned away from the city’s overwhelmed airport.

Doctors fear for the survivors as the risk of tetanus and cholera increases with each passing day.