Haiti's quake orphans

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Haiti's quake orphans

Haiti's quake orphans
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Haiti’s earthquake has left thousands of children without parents, but those who were orphans before the tremor have also been severely hit.

Out of more than 130 children at this orphanage near the capital Port-au-Prince, almost half were killed. Nearly all were in the process of adoption to France. That has now been put on hold.

The director of the Evelyne Nidy-Jacques orphanage said: “I’ve counted 53 deaths so far. But I haven’t finished yet.’‘

It is not just the dead. Some of the victims have terrible injuries, like one 3 year-old toddler.

‘‘He’s called Jerry and he’s suffering a lot. He’s has a fever. I’m going to give him paracetamol,’‘ the director said.

Those at the orphanage had not heard from the outside world for 5 days until an international team arrived

A French doctor at the scene said: ‘‘He has to go to he hospital, otherwise he’s going to die.’‘

The director replied, ‘‘No he’s better here.”

‘‘No he’s not going to get better,’‘ the doctor said.

The emergency team persuaded the orphanage’s director to let them take Jerry to hospital. With such a serious injury to the head, his condition was life threatening. Eventually, they got to a medical facility, but the fate of Jerry, like so many of Haiti’s orphans is still in doubt.