UN says aid to Haitians starting to get through

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UN says aid to Haitians starting to get through

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Despite massive hurdles remaining the UN has insisted the humanitarian relief operation in the quake ravaged country is gaining momentum.

Earlier, the organisation said distribution of food rations to more than a quarter of a million Haitians had not been hampered by a tense security situation.

At Haiti’s main airport near the capital Port-au-Prince large amounts of aid continue to flow in.

Luis Carballo, euronews’ special correspondent in Haiti, was there.

‘‘Behind me is a plane that’s just arrived with more American staff and several other planes with humanitarian aid. What do these aid flights contain? Mainly tins of food, floor, starch, lentils, sugar and oil. These are basic products to enable the population to survive for the time being.’‘

Medical experts say the next major challenge for the tens of thousands left injured and homeless will be disease.

Haitians with foreign, particularly US passports, are also desperately trying to flee the Caribbean Island in their droves.

Many citizens with double nationality have been left stranded, baking in the tropical heat near to the airport as US officials sort out the backlog.