Haiti: Aid still slow to reach earthquake survivors

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Haiti: Aid still slow to reach earthquake survivors

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America is to send 2,200 extra troops to Haiti to help with security and the distribution of food and water to earthquake survivors.

Massive amounts of aid have been promised. Massive amounts have arrived at Port au Prince airport.

But nearly a week after the tremor, desperately needed supplies are only just beginning to reach those who need it most.

One relief worker said: “It’s very hard to organise this. Everyone needs water. There is a lack of support and organisation. That is what is causing this tension.”

The Haitian government now puts the number of dead at between 100,000 and 200,000, though it is still virtually impossible to ascertain an accurate figure.

Britain is trebling its aid for Haiti to 21 million euros.

With so much desperation among the shattered country, security is proving difficult to maintain.
Haiti’s President said the extra US troops will help UN peacekeepers restore order on the increasingly lawless streets. According to witnesses, at least two looters were shot dead by a police force that is stretched to the limit.

The frustration was clear when UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited a makeshift camp, to cries of “Where is the food, where is the help?”