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euronews: Special report from Haiti

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euronews: Special report from Haiti


euronews has its own special correspondent, Luis Carballo, on the ground in Haiti.

Earlier, we spoke with him to see how the relief effort is going and to ask if security in the Carribean country is improving.

‘‘One has the impression that humanitarian aid is starting to get through to the victims little by little after the initial blockage, problems with security and a lack of organisation and infrastructure. Is this the case or is aid still blocked at the airport?’‘

euronews correspondent Luis Carballo:’‘Problems with coordination and security continue. After 4 days here we haven’t seen any improvement in any area. The airport continues to be crammed with humanitarian aid. The problem is still distribution, because we’re in phase 1 and that’s the phase to search for survivors. Until they finish doing that, they cannot start phase 2 -rebuilding. Then humanitarian aid will also be able to circulate more freely. At the moment, the problem is the city is completely destroyed and it’s very difficult to drive a large truck like the ones that transport aid. But it’s also true they’ve not asked people to come to a place where aid can be distributed. The truth is that it’s being done in an improvised manner. It’s all very chaotic.’‘

‘‘Problems of security continue, for example emergency teams at the moment are finding it difficult to carry out their work. Yesterday a Spanish team of rescuers were forced to stop extracting a young girl from the rubble. Were you able to speak to the rescuers to ask how they felt?’‘

Correspondent Luis Carballo: ‘‘Yes, yes we were able to speak to them this morning. The fire fighters are from Castille-Leon and this incident was very traumatic for them. This is what happened. They were in the process of trying to free a young girl. She was still alive 6 days after the quake which is already quite exceptional. They were attacked by the local population and just at that moment a group of Canadian soldiers arrived and immediately evacuated them. The Spanish rescuers told me the Canadian troops said, it’s either you who are saved or the girl. As a result they were forced to leave. One consolation, doctors who they spoke to after said that even if they had freed the girl, she would not have survived.’‘

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