Haiti aid appeal overshadows Golden Globes

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Haiti aid appeal overshadows Golden Globes

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With the crisis in quake ravaged Haiti dominating the news there was a sombre air to this year’s Golden Globe movie awards in Los Angeles, even if none of the glitz and glamour were missing.

Several actors in the star studded audience paid tribute to the victims on the Caribbean Island, including actress Nicole Kidman who urged people to donate.

“I just want to say on a serious note: a lot of people are wearing ribbons tonight in support of the people of Haiti. And you can go to to make your personal contribution,” Kidman said.

Celebrities were greeted to a heavy downpour as they made their way into the gala.

However, that hasn’t dampened efforts to help those in Haiti with plans already underway to hold a benefit concert later this month.

“We’ve been working sort of night and day. We’ve almost got the music acts booked (for the “Hope for Haiti” benefit for victims of the earthquake), put together, and they are going to do it in New York and Los Angeles, as of now, maybe a couple other places. And we’re just going to keep plugging away till we’re done. It’ll be right down to the wire,” said US film star George Clooney.

American actor and producer Mark Wahlberg said:
“We’re just hoping that people don’t focus on it for two weeks until something else happens and then people don’t start paying attention anymore. We’re trying to do some fundraisers and stuff. But Haiti has been one of the poorest countries in the world for such a long time. And it’s important for people to continue to help and change that”

Fellow Hollywooder and glamour queen Olivia Wilde also donated her frock up to the Haitian aid appeal.