Foreign nationals home from Haitian hell

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Foreign nationals home from Haitian hell

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Members of a New Jersey church group arrive back at JFK airport to the delight and relief of family and friends.

The Trinity United Methodist Church were in Haiti on a humanitarian mission to help expectant mothers and children on the island when the quake hit.

Linda Callahan was one of those caught up in the initial tremour:

“We ran out as fast as we could, we all got out. We watched the walls crumble all around the orphanage. We were in a school bus, thank goodness, it almost tipped over but it didn’t and that’s how we got out of there.”

In Paris French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner was at Orly airport to welcome back 148 French nationals who had been evacuated out of Port-au-Prince via La Martinique.

As many 1400 French citizens are resident in Haiti and according to the government six are reported as dead.

One man described the horror:

“ When you see people co-existing with the dead, its horrible its shocking. It will take some time to forget.

Meanwhile governments across the globe are hard at work trying to contact their nationals, but poor communication and chaos in the country are making contact difficult at best.