World rallies aid to help Haiti

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World rallies aid to help Haiti

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Crumbled homes, collapsed buildings. People scattered throughout the streets. Haiti’s needs could not be more clear.

Thankfully, the runway at Port-au-Prince airport is undamaged as it will play a crucial role in receiving aid and search and rescue units including dogs trained to find survivors.

Despite the capital’s runway being operational, delivering aid will still present huge challenges with the full extent of the damage still unknown.

Brazil, which lost several of its citizens working for the UN peacekeeping program, is sending medical supplies.

European nations too have scrambled to send whatever emergency equipment they can in this critical phase.

France and Britain are dispatching field assessment teams to determine priorities for urgent assistance as well as desperately needed food, shelter, blankets and field hospitals.

Other countries such as Spain and Belgium are sending tons of humanitarian aid, essentially consisting of water and sanitation equipment.

Aid agencies have welcomed donations but also warned people to be wary of fraudulent appeals for cash on some social network websites.