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EU tails US on Haiti aid, while 'gathering data'

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EU tails US on Haiti aid, while 'gathering data'


The European Union in responding to the Haiti quake has yet to announce a communal aid pledge in terms of euros. The bloc’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has talked about progress on transport from the earthquake zone.

Ashton said in Brussels: “The European Union through its member states and common resources has already acted. We will continue to do so, finding additional resources and delivering them as quickly as possible.”

“We are gathering information. We know that the estimates that are coming out of the number of people who are feared dead vary quite dramatically of course, and we are working, with the Spanish and the French, particularly, to put at the disposal of EU citizens (who need to leave) planes to do so.”

Spain is the EU Council’s presiding nation under the rotational system. Madrid has announced it is sending six planes, with emergency supplies and military rescue specialists.

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