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Witness accounts of Haiti earthquake

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Witness accounts of Haiti earthquake


In Haiti people are in shock following Tuesday’s earthquake. A children’s charity sent in these amateur images, taken as events unfolded.

Taking refuge on a balcony on the hills overlooking Port Au Prince, a woman who escaped the worst filmed the disaster. Although she was unhurt personally, it seemed to her that the world was coming to an end.

During the evening a strong after-shock hit the island while one journalist was on air. He attempted to commentate on what was happening, but broke down, admitting that he didn’t know what was happening. He made an on-air appeal saying that the island didn’t have the means to deal with the disaster. There was not enough food or water for everyone, he said. People were dying. Unable to continue, he burst into tears.

Later on, the same journalist sent us a series of still photographs, taken just after the earthquake.

Ian Rodgers, an Australian aid worker in Haiti comment on the situation, saying “You know, you are hearing the grief of people as they realise they’ve lost people, they can’t find their children. But then again you suddenly hear these cries come out, people who are rescuing other people from the rubble as somebody comes out alive.”

The full extent of the damage yet has to be assessed but it is feared that the death toll may run into the thousands.

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